I teach all ages on any level from beginners to advanced. Over a period of time my lessons will have covered the following subjects: technique, phrasing, various genres, playing with a sense of groove, reading music, ergonomics. We will also cover how to approach the drums in order to play them most effectively using the appropriate effort for various situations.

With younger students I sometimes add a fun moment e.g. where the student and I improvise on the drums together.
I master both traditional and match grip and strive to give my students the necessary technique that will enable them to develop and improve for many years to come. Relaxation, accuracy and patience is a vital rule. I am an honest, dedicated teacher passionate about helping and guiding my students to reach their full potential. DBS check is up-to-date.

Suggested subjectsIMG_0003

  • Technique / Classical snare
  • Jazz
  • Dixieland
  • New Orleans
  • Rock beats
  • Linear drumming
  • Funk
  • Latin
  • R&B

Daniel Harding


” Daniel gave my son Motty drumming lessons over a period of 18 months during which time my son made excellent progress.
I found Daniel to be highly competent and professional with a pleasant and fun teaching style making his lessons both enjoyable and challenging. He was also always punctual and reliable and I would definitely recommend him very highly. “


“I approached Daniel as a complete beginner and organised to have 6 lessons throughout August as a crash course and introduction to Jazz Drumming. I had a great time learning the basics and I would highly recommend taking lessons with Daniel to any beginners and experienced drummers. Daniel was very patient and was always willing to explain concepts in further detail and would happily provide lots of clear examples. Daniel was extremely flexible with the scheduling of the lessons as I was only able to attend classes after I had finished work each day. Daniel not only explained and taught the entry level mechanics of Jazz Drumming but also explained how to approach sheet music. I will certainly be scheduling lessons in the future!”


Some inspiration and informative links

Rules of play (pdf) I find these bullet-point by Desmond Morris quite relevant for musicians or any artist to reflect on.

syncopation-set-1_syncopation_ted-reed  – From ‘Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer’ – by Ted Reed.

About Originality vs. Self-expression, by Eddie Lewis

Interview with Keith Jarrett by Ethan Iverson
“But Jazz is the sound of lone self-expression, of your own self. You can’t disguise yourself – you speak from who you are”. – Keith Jarrett.


“Technique is the ability to translate your ideas into sound through your instrument. This is a comprehensive technique . . . a feeling for the keyboard that will allow you to transfer any emotional utterance into it. What has to happen is that you develop a comprehensive technique and then say, Forget that. I’m just going to be expressive through the piano.” – Bill Evans