…imaginative drumming of Harding.”
… delicately brushed drums.” (Ian Mann)


… drummer Dan Israelsen impressively driving the ensemble.”  (John Fordham)


” impressive array of sounds with his cymbal scrapes and shimmers ….  
(Ian Mann)


Daniel Harding Israelsen’s final recital was an outstanding artistic achievement, demonstrating a wide range of improvising and accompanying skills. His playing displayed considerable sophistication and imagination, throughout what was an extremely engaging performance
(Martin Hathaway)

Full review available here: http://www.thejazzmann.com/reviews/review/followed-by-thirteen-dempseys-cardiff-24-09-2014/

Review by John Fordham from a concert featuring John Surman:  http://www.theguardian.com/music/2012/jun/05/john-surman-john-warren-review