The Sound of Jazz Drumming - Creativity and development in melodic phrasing [European, Irish & Russian residents ONLY]

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Subjects covered in the book:

  • Technical exercises for intermediate to advanced level, including single stroke and double strokes and combinations of these
  • Illustrations of detailed explanation of how to develop the Push-Pull technique with tailor-made exercises
  • Stick patterns (exclusive paradiddle variations) to develop fluidity, control and speed
  • Coordination patterns and specific practise method to develop fluidity within straight 8's with an eye to the ECM drum sound made famous by Jon Christensen
  • Templates to encourage the reader to work out their own patters and exercises
  • Exercises to develop setups when playing in larger ensembles e.g. Big Band
  • Two phenomenal solo transcriptions by Jeff "Tain" Watts, and Frankie Dunlop - with info on how to take things to the next level including examples of how to develop your own vocabulary for your drum solos.
  • Exploration and application of quintuplets and septuplets in the context of the Swing/triplet feel
  • Comes with downloadable Mp3 files recorded by the author of selected examples in the book
  • ... and a full page of recommended listening

It features sophisticated technical exercises along with illustrations of developing the 'push-pull' technique that enables players to facilitate clean and strong double strokes.
A total of 100 examples of creative suggestions on two-bar melodic phrases.
- and more..

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