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24 07, 2014

Big Band arrangement of Lazy Bird, arr by Daniel Harding

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For my arranging module at Trinity Laban Conservatoire, I wanted to do something that I was particular interested in at the moment – and so, I chose to write in the style of Bob Brookmeyer. This turned out to be the most intense and beneficial task of the year.  I chose to arrange the John Coltrane composition “Lazy Bird”
I made a 1500 words rationale to support my arranging decisions.

I will upload an audio file of the arrangement when I get hold of it.

Harding_Daniel_Lazy Bird_preview.pdf   –  feel free to have a look at the first 6 pages of my score.

20 07, 2014

Transcribe tunes you like – keep educating yourself

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A few years ago I started transcribing some tunes I really like. The latest ones are “Moon River”, “Ballad of The Sad Young Men” and Anders Jormin’s composition “Q”.  Speaking of Anders Jormin – I’ve found his composition particularly interesting. His use of melody and harmony is very musically interesting and satisfying to me.
I’ve transcribed his compositions “Not”, “Seli”, “Sediment”, including the whole piano arrangement of “M” played by Bobo Stenson from his album Reflections.
I also transcribed a couple of tunes by Keith Jarrett, Lars Jansson, Bobo Stenson, amongst many others. All tunes which are not formally published by the artist (makes it more interesting).

Transcribing will benefit your ability to recognise sounds (chord extensions), your reading, your piano skills in terms of voicings and chord progressions.